Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Treading On Dangerous Ground

BY ABDUL HADI Editors Note: This is a very personal and honestly recounted experience detailing the writer’s encounters with an artwork over time. Please read it all the way through to get the… Continue reading

Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal

BY PHILMON YIP Andy Warhol, the face of Pop Art and one of the most influential figures in contemporary art, here in Singapore with one of the largest collections of his works ever.… Continue reading

OH! It’s A Bird!

BY TIMOTHY BOEY “Oh! Look at that bird over there”, exclaims one excited teenage girl from the corner of the living room. Her boyfriend walks over and stares at it for a moment… Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

  BY CARINA KOH A Ferris wheel devoid of colours, bright lights and eager children. In its place is a deep sense of foreboding, a melancholy driven by the dull grey and white… Continue reading

Warhol for the Masses

BY EMMALYNE PANG Andy Warhol. When someone mentions this name, the images that come to mind are the infamous pop art silkscreen prints of Campbell Soup cans and Marilyn Monroe. Mass produced images… Continue reading

The next way forward

BY CHONG YEW Two recent shows at the Singapore’s Arts Museum, The Collectors Show: Chimera and the Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize 2011 offered up contemporary art that had been created… Continue reading

Looking Inwards

BY CANPHYLIA PANG Speak To Me, Walk With Me. As the title suggests, Amanda Heng’s most recent exhibition is one of few contemporary art shows that invites the participation of the audience in a… Continue reading

Fantastical Reality

BY EDISON CHEE When I first encountered The Sixth Day at Chimera, Singapore Art Museum’s Private Collector’s show, I felt like I had stumbled upon somebody’s secret diary tucked away in a hidden… Continue reading

Authenticity and Specificity

BY NURLIYANI ABDUL RAHMAN Something that bemused me about a guided art-walkabout into the homes of strangers was the curatorial framing that made prominent the relation between art and subject, and the notion… Continue reading

Unnatural Love

BY DANIELLE LIU The Art Stage 2012 was the first massive contemporary art event I’ve been to in Singapore. Overwhelming, bursting with a plethora of visuals within its never-ending labyrinth of art within… Continue reading