Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Mapping borders

BY DORA GODFREY In dealing with boundaries, Charles Lim begins at Singapore’s costal line. Indeed the sea is clearly important to the island state, whose earlier name was Temasek (Sea Town). The sea… Continue reading

Sympathy For The Birds

BY CEREPH CHEN The darkness was overwhelming. The faint glow from the screens was meek, docile, as if trying not to be noticed.  Pale white robes towered eerily ahead, their folds immaculately arranged.… Continue reading

Not so Transparent

BY FENDY IBRAHIM A gallery sitter greets you; he is sited at the gallery door beside a desktop computer. He prints a piece of paper with barcode on it and hands it over… Continue reading

Mysteries in a Familiar Language

BT TAN JINGLIANG Strategically tucked away at the furthest end of the second-floor galleries of Singapore Art Museum like a secret room, The Sixth Day (2008) by Donna Ong calls forth an instant wave of… Continue reading

Chapters of Unknowing

BY TIAN XINNI 1 The cloud of unknowing is complex. It is intricate. It is also intertwined with metaphors and meaning that creates dialectic conversations within the work. It is impossible to give… Continue reading

Aesthetic Violence

BY DARYL GOH The sudden sound of a gunshot leads to a mesmerizing shattering of glass, captivating the viewer in a state between shock and amazement. Broken Mirror by Lee Yong Baek, which… Continue reading

Smoke, Sea and Mirrors

BY ALFONSUS WONG The Light, it burns alright. It was at the ‘Chimera’ exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum that I encountered Li Hui’s dangerous looking V, Tabimo’s calming Midnight Sea and both… Continue reading

The (Digital) Future of Imagination?

BY TEOW YUE HAN Loo Zihan painstaking edited the documentation of Cane over several weeks to deliver his promise of making it accessible online, to feed hungry netizens like myself. We wanted to… Continue reading

Unsustainable Art

BY LIAU SHU JUAN How do you create awareness of sustainability and promote the use of low-energy lights and technology? By creating a spectacle and organising an extravagant light art festival that stretched… Continue reading


BY SAMANTHA NEUBRONNER Finding Chan Hampe Gallery was definitely a challenge. With my sore feet and multiple blisters reminding me of the misguided walk, I embraced the solo exhibition by Safaruddin Abdul Hamid… Continue reading