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Looking Inwards

BY CANPHYLIA PANG Speak To Me, Walk With Me. As the title suggests, Amanda Heng’s most recent exhibition is one of few contemporary art shows that invites the participation of the audience in a… Continue reading

Working With Intuition

BY ASHLEY LER Walking through the maze that is the Goodman Arts Centre, I finally arrived at block B where the exhibition “First Art Council Third Chapter: Waiting” was held. However, the doors… Continue reading

Flight Into Memory & Abstraction

BY TANG KUAN YEE Wu Guanzhong was a renowned Chinese contemporary painter who lived through almost a century (1919 to 2010); long enough to see the transformation of his world and art from… Continue reading

Fifteen minutes of Warhol

BY YAP JIA EN Warhol loved the fake and the superficial. He adored everything plastic; he even wished he were plastic. In a way, the exhibition at the Art Science Museum was just… Continue reading

Considering OH!

BY TAM KWAN YUEN The rustic atmosphere of the neighborhood and the intermittent rumblings of vehicles greeted me as I stepped outside of Tiong Bahru Plaza. Glancing back and forth on the map,… Continue reading

Mapping borders

BY DORA GODFREY In dealing with boundaries, Charles Lim begins at Singapore’s costal line. Indeed the sea is clearly important to the island state, whose earlier name was Temasek (Sea Town). The sea… Continue reading


BY SAMANTHA NEUBRONNER Finding Chan Hampe Gallery was definitely a challenge. With my sore feet and multiple blisters reminding me of the misguided walk, I embraced the solo exhibition by Safaruddin Abdul Hamid… Continue reading