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Into A Parallel Dimension

BY VISHAKA MANTRI Greeted by stillness and a feeling of stagnation, Donna Ong’s work, The Sixth Day welcomes us to a rather different part of Singapore Art Museum’s Private Collector’s show Chimera. Amidst all… Continue reading

Looking Again

BY JAMIE PHUA Conceptual art is wasted on me. I completed the past two editions of Art Stage in an average of four hours, and took less than half of that for the… Continue reading

Smoke, Sea and Mirrors

BY ALFONSUS WONG The Light, it burns alright. It was at the ‘Chimera’ exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum that I encountered Li Hui’s dangerous looking V, Tabimo’s calming Midnight Sea and both… Continue reading

Unsustainable Art

BY LIAU SHU JUAN How do you create awareness of sustainability and promote the use of low-energy lights and technology? By creating a spectacle and organising an extravagant light art festival that stretched… Continue reading