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Unnatural Love

BY DANIELLE LIU The Art Stage 2012 was the first massive contemporary art event I’ve been to in Singapore. Overwhelming, bursting with a plethora of visuals within its never-ending labyrinth of art within… Continue reading

Working With Intuition

BY ASHLEY LER Walking through the maze that is the Goodman Arts Centre, I finally arrived at block B where the exhibition “First Art Council Third Chapter: Waiting” was held. However, the doors… Continue reading

The Proof is Out There

BY M. SUFYAN Future Proof exists as a somewhat flamboyant and varied celebration of contemporary visual art by young Singaporean artists to showcase proof of these artists’ potential, a spoof on the word… Continue reading

Memory Machine

BY SHERMAINE TOH As I walked through a narrow corridor in the Singapore Art Museum, I approached a small dimly lit room, and in it, a piano; or at least what I assumed resembled… Continue reading

Considering OH!

BY TAM KWAN YUEN The rustic atmosphere of the neighborhood and the intermittent rumblings of vehicles greeted me as I stepped outside of Tiong Bahru Plaza. Glancing back and forth on the map,… Continue reading