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Rewinding time

By Qiu HuiQi Charissa This dragon was a common sight in playgrounds all over Singapore around fifteen years ago. But today, it has ceased to exist, except as an iconic symbol of our… Continue reading

Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal

BY PHILMON YIP Andy Warhol, the face of Pop Art and one of the most influential figures in contemporary art, here in Singapore with one of the largest collections of his works ever.… Continue reading

OH! It’s A Bird!

BY TIMOTHY BOEY “Oh! Look at that bird over there”, exclaims one excited teenage girl from the corner of the living room. Her boyfriend walks over and stares at it for a moment… Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

  BY CARINA KOH A Ferris wheel devoid of colours, bright lights and eager children. In its place is a deep sense of foreboding, a melancholy driven by the dull grey and white… Continue reading

Japanese Obscuration

BY AMIRUL AFIFI In Singapore Art Museum’s Chimera show I was drawn to several artworks by Japanese artists which I’d like to talk about, in particular, Tabaimo’s Midnight Sea, Takashi Murakami’s Jesus and… Continue reading

Chapters of Unknowing

BY TIAN XINNI 1 The cloud of unknowing is complex. It is intricate. It is also intertwined with metaphors and meaning that creates dialectic conversations within the work. It is impossible to give… Continue reading