Authenticity and Specificity

BY NURLIYANI ABDUL RAHMAN Something that bemused me about a guided art-walkabout into the homes of strangers was the curatorial framing that made prominent the relation between art and subject, and the notion… Continue reading

Unnatural Love

BY DANIELLE LIU The Art Stage 2012 was the first massive contemporary art event I’ve been to in Singapore. Overwhelming, bursting with a plethora of visuals within its never-ending labyrinth of art within… Continue reading

Working With Intuition

BY ASHLEY LER Walking through the maze that is the Goodman Arts Centre, I finally arrived at block B where the exhibition “First Art Council Third Chapter: Waiting” was held. However, the doors… Continue reading

Flight Into Memory & Abstraction

BY TANG KUAN YEE Wu Guanzhong was a renowned Chinese contemporary painter who lived through almost a century (1919 to 2010); long enough to see the transformation of his world and art from… Continue reading

Japanese Obscuration

BY AMIRUL AFIFI In Singapore Art Museum’s Chimera show I was drawn to several artworks by Japanese artists which I’d like to talk about, in particular, Tabaimo’s Midnight Sea, Takashi Murakami’s Jesus and… Continue reading

Fifteen minutes of Warhol

BY YAP JIA EN Warhol loved the fake and the superficial. He adored everything plastic; he even wished he were plastic. In a way, the exhibition at the Art Science Museum was just… Continue reading

Into A Parallel Dimension

BY VISHAKA MANTRI Greeted by stillness and a feeling of stagnation, Donna Ong’s work, The Sixth Day welcomes us to a rather different part of Singapore Art Museum’s Private Collector’s show Chimera. Amidst all… Continue reading

The Proof is Out There

BY M. SUFYAN Future Proof exists as a somewhat flamboyant and varied celebration of contemporary visual art by young Singaporean artists to showcase proof of these artists’ potential, a spoof on the word… Continue reading

Looking Again

BY JAMIE PHUA Conceptual art is wasted on me. I completed the past two editions of Art Stage in an average of four hours, and took less than half of that for the… Continue reading

Confusion Illusion

BY DIANA THAM The sign outside the glass door covered with black drapery warns viewers of what was to be expected: a video installation, some glass panels, and be confusion. In Psychology, we… Continue reading